Hintertux/Stubai 2015

During most of October and November I was based out in Europe to get a bit of early season riding done. The first place we went was Hintertux but the park wasn’t as good as it’s been in previous years and the lift line is always really long so we didn’t get too much riding done there 😦 .


Next we moved onto Stubai which was much better! The weather was way nicer and the park was in perfect condition. I did a few BS double cork 10s and tried my first FS double cork 10 too! Unfortunately  I’ve developed a bit of a bad habit for going a little too fast when I try new tricks so I over shot the jump a bit when I tried them but hopefully I’ll land one soon!


While we were out there I did a bit of filming with the Whitelines guys for some trick tips which was really good fun! Check out the first trick tip below –

Slo Mo Trick Tips – Backside Corked 540

And here is a little recap video from Whitelines of the trip –


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