Australia 2015

This year was the first time I’d gotten to do a trip to the Southern Hemisphere with the British Snowboard Team and it was definitely one of the best trips I’ve been on!

Stoked in OZ.JPG

We were riding the Perisher park in Australia from the middle of August ’till the end of September. We spent just over a week riding in perfect conditions and then the it was time for the Mile High competition. The weather was pretty bad for the practice and competition days so the organisers cut the course into two rails and one jump. I managed to put a run down but it was pretty safe so in the end didn’t score too high.

Australia Gap front board

After the Mile High we had the rest of the trip to just ride the park without any pressure. Unfortunately I had a bit of a bad crash trying a BS double cork 10 and knocked myself out for a few minutes so I had to take some days off to recover. When I was finally back on snow the park was still in awesome condition and I managed to get my cab double 9s and BS double 10s down! I also got to try a few FS double 10s into an airbag so hopefully I’ll be able to put some of them down soon!


Check out this little recap video of the trip below –


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