Bearsden’s Go Big or Go Home

This was the fifth consecutive year my family helped organise Bearsden’s Go Big or Go Home dryslope competition and we were pretty stoked with how it all went! We started running GBoGH as we thought the UK scene was starting to lack a bit in freestyle ski and snowboard competitions. When me and my brothers were growing up we always had such an amazing time riding at events like the Westbeach Snowflex series and we were pretty gutted when it came to an end so we thought we’d try do our bit to get things going again!   Pooh Bear 2015

It was awesome to have so many riders travel from across the UK to ride in the competition. We always try to make it as relaxed a format as possible which is why we include two rounds of jam sessions followed by a head to head final. As well as helping with the organising this year, I also competed. I’ve been doing dryslope competitions since I was 11 and I still love riding in them! It’s one of the few times when you get to see people from all over coming together to shred!

Getting some laps in with my brother during the Quarter Pipe Jam.
Getting some laps in with my brother during the Quarter Pipe Jam.

I managed to qualify through the two jam sessions and into the head to head final. In the first head to head I was up against Ciaran Tucker. It was a three runs, best two runs count format so I put downs a BS 7 mute, a FS 7 melon and a switch BS 9 drunk driver which got me into the 1st and 2nd play off with Fin Bremner. For my first run I landed a BS 9 drunk driver and then went for the switch BS 9 on my second. I managed to land it but not as clean as I wanted so I tried it again on my last run and thankfully managed to get it better. It must have been pretty tight between Fin and I but in the end I managed to walk away with 1st overall!

This year we’ll be running a second leg of GBoGH for the first time at Aberdeen Snowsports club on the 1st August so make sure you get down to that especially if you missed the Bearsden leg!


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