World Rookie Fest Finals

On the 5th of April I drove from Mayrhofen to Ischgl with Ben Kinnear and Fin Bremner for the World Rookie Fest Finals! This was my first and last World Rookie Fest event as I will be too old to compete next year 😦 . It was a really fun competition and I’m stoked I had the chance to experience it!

World Rookie Fest Ischgl 2015 Poster

We arrived a day early so got an extra day cruising around Ischgl and checking out the course. In the afternoon they opened up the course for a few runs so I ended up testing the first jump which was pretty nice but they had to close it after a few runs because it was hard to get enough speed. During official practice the next day the first jump was almost perfect with much better speed but the second kicker had a really long take-off which made it feel really flat. The rails were a little bit weird but still fun to ride. I managed to land my run a few times so I was just hoping I’d be able to put it down in qualifiers!

World Rookie Fest Ischgl 2015

We had a break the next day for the Grom and Girl qualifiers so we just took it easy and practiced our euro carves! We then had the Rookie boy qualifiers on the Friday. I didn’t have the best practice on the day of qualifiers and I didn’t land my run at all but luckily when it came to my first qualifying run I put it to my feet! My run was a cab 9 switch indy on the first jump, BS 7 melon on the second, 50-50 FS 3 out of a cannon, 50-50 on a flat bar to transfer into back board on a down bar and finally a lipslide cab 270 onto a rainbow. I was really stoked to manage to get a run down but I there were a couple areas I could improve on for my second run so I knew I could do a bit more. We had a speed test run between our two qualifier runs which I used to clean up my run a bit. I added a roast beef grab as well as the switch indy on the cab 9 and got a better lock on all the rails. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to put my cab 9 down on my second run which I was a bit gutted about.

In the end I missed out on finals by 5 points and finished 21st. I definitely would have been nice to make it into the finals but I’m just happy to have put a run down!


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