Stubai and O’Neill Pleasure Jam

It’s been quite a while since I posted any updates on this as I’ve been pretty busy with school and, more importantly, riding! After my last post I went to Stubai for about 10 days which had a sick park but we didn’t really have much time to ride it as it was always snowing :(. We did get about 2 or 3 good days though and I managed to land some more BS double 10s and I got some pretty good photos with Tom Copsey from Onboard Magazine.

©Tom Copsey
©Tom Copsey

Once we’d finished in Stubai we headed to Dachstein for the O’Neill Pleasure Jam. We went up to ride the practice session the day before qualifiers but it was dumping so we could only hit the rails and straight air the first jump. The next day was qualifiers and the weather was pretty much perfect! The course was fun to ride and really well shaped so it didn’t take long for me to get a run figured out. For my first run I played it safe and did a cab 1 on, BS 1 out of the rainbow rail, cab 5 indy on the first jump into BS 7 mute on the second followed by a FS 3 over a hip/gap feature and finally a 50-50 up a rail to BS wallride and then BS nose pretzel on the down bar.I managed to put the run to my feet so I was stoked especially as it was my first international competition! I tried to up my second run by trying a cab 9 on the 1st jump but scrubbed out on the landing. I was there with Ben Kilner, Rowan Coultas and Lewis Courtier-Jones who all managed to land a run too and Rowan managed to qualify to the Semi-Finals and then the Finals to end up finishing 6th! Hopefully I’ll be able to get back there next year and put down some better runs!


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