Colorrado 2014

This was my first year going to Colorado with the British Snowboard Team and it was my first time ever in America so I was pretty excited for the trip! We flew out on the 1st of December to Denver and then drove to Frisco where would be staying for the three weeks. We spent the first couple days cruising the smaller jumps in Breck and the rails in Keystone while we waited for some bigger jumps to open up. A few days later the Keystone medium line opened which was sick!

Layed out backflip Once I’d gotten used to them, me and Rowan Coultas started thinking about trying double wildcats on the second one so we went up, did a straight air, then 2 or 3 layed out wildcats and then we just gave them a rip! Rowan managed to pretty much land his first try but I kept spinning a little bit of a backside which was pretty annoying. After about 5 or 6 bails in a row I decided to take a break and give it another try the next day. I went to Woodward that night and did a few into the foam pit to get a better feeling for them which seemed to be working. The next day I did the same little warm up and then ripped it and landed it first try and then went on to land 5 in a row! From then on me and Rowan tried to see how few practice runs we could do before we would try them and managed to get it down to two warm up runs and then try them.

While we were out there the Dew Tour was on which was sick to watch especially as we had a few Brits competing. During one of the practice days I was lucky enough to borrow a bib and go ride the course! It was pretty unbelievable to be riding the the practice session even though I wasn’t meant to be there haha

©Nick Atkins
©Nick Atkins

From then on we were just waiting for the bigger jumps in Breckenridge to open but the weather was really stormy the day they were planned to open and the first day they did open we weren’t able to ride them for very long as it got windy pretty quickly so in the end we only really had one day to session them properly. I’d really wanted to try a cab double underlip for a while and it was looking like this might be the best time so after a few slow cab underflips I tried it and managed to land it first try! I landed two more after that before the weather came in and we had to call it a day.

That ended up to be my last day riding of the trip so I was stoked to end it on a high! A few days later I flew home to chill with my family for a bit over Christmas and new year before I head back to school….



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