Hintertux 2014

After a really long year of not much snowboarding and loads of school work and exams, I’m finally back in the mountains again! I came out to Hintertux on the 20th October to ride with the British Snowboard guys for a while and so far it’s been really sick!


Bridge jumping on one of our down days
Bridge jumping on one of our down days

The first few days I arrived it was really stormy up the Glacier so we just chilled and waited for the good weather to come in. When I did get up there was a lot of fresh snow so we pretty much spent the whole day doing laps in the powder and throwing backflips off side hits.

The next day the park had been fully shaped so I was able to ride a pro-line for the first time in over a year. It took a couple runs to adjust again but by the end of the day I was pretty comfortable with them again. When we got up the day after I did a few BS 7s and then tried my first BS double cork 10 in over a year, which I landed! I was pretty surprised and really stoked to go onto land the next two in a row as well! When we went back up the following day I managed to get it done with drunk driver (like a truck driver but grabbing mute and stalefish instead of indy and melon) which I was pretty happy with too.

From then on I spent most of my time doing cab and frontside as I’ve never really had much time to try it on bigger jumps. Unfortunately though after a few days I slipped off a rail and banged my leg pretty bad so I had to take it really easy for pretty much the rest of the trip so I mostly just lapped the rails.


We’ve now all moved over to Stubai to ride here till the O’Neill Pleasure Jam later this month. We had a really good first day and the park is incredible over here but it looks like there is going to be a lot of bad weather so we might not have much time riding it :(. Hopefully we get a few more days up there as I’ve still got a few things I’d like to try before Pleasure Jam!




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