Scottish Indoor Champs 2014

Yesterday I went down to Snow Factor, Braehead for the Scottish Indoor Champs, there was a sick park including a new wall ride that had been bought just in time for the competition and the slope was at maximum capacity with all the entries! It was amazing to see so many people competing in a British freeski and snowboard competition and hopefully the numbers will only continue to rise.

Scottish Indoor Champs Set-up



My practice session went pretty well in the morning and I managed to figure out a run for the two run, best run counts qualifier. Once practice finished there was a quick riders meeting before the snowboard runs began. I was one of the last riders to drop so there was quite a lot of waiting around so I had to do a couple star jumps to stay warm haha! I ended up having to improvise a little bit on my first run as I did a cab 270 on the first down rail and took it round to switch instead of back to regular but it still worked out so I didn’t have too much pressure to land my second run so I could go for something a bit harder. I did a cab 270 on, 270 out of the down bar into a gap BS lipslide on the next feature followed by a FS 3 indy off the toes on the jump and then a FS lipslide 270 on the top of the wallride at the end.


There was then a bit of a gap before finals were announced so I just got a bite to eat and watched my little brother Chris put down his qualifier runs. Once they’d finished the finalists were announced and I’d made it in so I went up and had a few practice laps. For the final runs I was last to drop so I really did have a lot of time to kill so I just took a couple runs down the public slope to keep myself warm. I decided to do the second run for qualifiers as my first run in finals and that worked out pretty well. Then for my second I wanted to do a FS blunt 450 out on the top rail into a cab 270 to switch on the next feature, then a cab 5 mute on the jump and FS lip 270 on the wallride but unfortunately I slipped out on my cab 270 and had to hope my first run was good enough for a podium spot.

Scottish Indoors Happy


Once I’d watch the skiers in the finals I went back on to have a few more laps of the course as it was that fun! I managed to get a gap cab 360 onto the second down rail which I was really stoked with! After this mini session I went in to watch the prize giving and ended up winning my category and the overall title! I think there will be a full video round up of the day coming out soon so I’ll get that up whenever I see it. I’d also like to say a massive thanks to Lauren MacCullum and the rest of the Snowsport Scotland team for putting on such a fun event!     



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