GB Training Days

Over the past few days I got to do a few sessions with the British Freestyle Snowboard Team which are always really sick! For these sessions we were going to be doing some skating, gymnastics and an indoor airbag session so I was really looking forward to spending a few days with the team!


On Sunday, Lewis Courtier- Jones -one of the British Team members- flew into Glasgow from Geneva where I picked him up and took him back to my house to stay for the night. The next morning myself, my brother Chris and Lewis all got on a train through to Edinburgh. When we arrived we met up with Katie Ormerod, Billy Morgan, Jack Shackleton and Hamish McKnight before heading back to Hamish’s to meet my older brother Danny and Henry Shackleton (Jacks younger brother) and go for a skate. Check out these shots of myself and Lewis session the park –


Once we’d finished skating we had a quick BBQ before heading through to Snow Factor, Braehead for a night Airbag session. The park crew had done an amazing job putting together a kicker and canon rail into the bag for us to try a few new tricks. I started of doing some double wildcats which were good fun and then decided to work on my take-off for my BS double 10 to get it really clean with lots of pop. It took me a while but I did manage to get some around twice into the bag. By the time the session was over it was about midnight so we all headed home to get some rest for the next day.

AirbagThe next morning we all got up a bit later to give ourselves some time to properly wake up. At about 11 myself, Lewis, Danny and Chris along with some of the junior team made our way into Glasgow to skate Kelvingrove Skate park. We only stayed for about an hour but it was still a really fun session! We then said goodbye to the juniors as they were driving back up to Aberdeen and went back to my house to chill for a few hours before taking the train back to Kelvingrove to meet up with Hamish, Henry, Billy and Katie. By this time the park had gotten pretty busy so we didn’t stay long before getting some dinner and driving to bellahouston for a bit of gymnastics.


The gymnastics session was really sick and it was really cool to get to see Billy and Katie there as they both did a lot of gymnastics/acrobatics when they were younger so they sent it on all the apparatus! We spent quite a bit of time with Hamish trying to figure out FS double 10s on the trampoline and how each cork would look and how you would need to throw them. It was pretty cool to work through a trick and get it properly in our heads. The gymnastics was the last part of the training days so once we’d finished we said our goodbyes and all headed home to recover! Hopefully there will be a video coming out over the next few days and I’ll get it up here as soon as it drops.





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