Go Big or Go Home 2014!

A few weeks ago was the 4th year of Bearsden’s Go Big or Go Home and it was the biggest and best yet! I did a lot of the organising for the competition along with my brothers, Dad and the guys at Freeze Pro Shop and we were so stoked that it was such a success!


As well as helping with the organising side of things I also competed in this years event which was really good fun! The format was pretty mellow with a jam session in the morning which cut the rider list down to the top 15 and then another jam which cut it down to the top 4. This gave everyone loads of time to just enjoy the atmosphere and chill with their friends while riding. After the second jam we a had a small rail jam which was pretty good too. All the younger riders got the chance to win a few prizes which is definitely important!


Once the rail jam had finished the finals were announced which consisted of myself, Fin Bremner, Marc McClement and Matt Corry. The format for the finals was head-to-head and I was partnered up with Marc for the first round. In my runs I landed a switch BS 9 melon and tried a BS 10 mute but bailed out on the landing while Marc sent a massive double backflip and BS 10! The scores must have been really tight but I managed to qualify through for the battle for 1st and 2nd against Fin. Fin had been sending it all day and put down a sick switch BS 9 mute on his first run and tried a cab double underflip but didn’t quite get it around. I was pretty gutted to sketch out of both my switch BS 9s in the final but it was still good to get to walk away with 2nd!


Even though I didn’t manage to get my final runs down I was still super happy with how the day went! This was the busiest year it’s ever been with about 80 entries and hopefully it will only continue to grow!

Check out these edits from the day too –


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