Vans Hi-Standard, Cairngorm

On the 5th April I was back up in Cairngorm for the Vans Hi Standard competition. Luckily this time the weather wasn’t as bad as it was for the Scottish champs so we were able to ride all the park features including the jumps. In the morning it was a bit cloudy so we hit the rails. During the competition the judges were looking for tricks with good style and gave out £20 every time they thought your trick was sick. This made the competition nice and relaxed and it was good just to ride with guys like The Trinders, Henry Shackleton as well as a few other guys I hadn’t seen for most of the season.


The cloud hadn’t lifted very much by the afternoon so we weren’t too sure if we were going to be able to have the kicker competition and might end up having to do a second rail jam. Just as everyone was starting to head in for lunch the cloud began to break up so myself,  my brother Danny, Jamie and Henry all went up and tested the jump. It was really nice and gave you quite a lot of time in the air which made it good for the competition as all spins over 720 were banned so everyone was just doing floaty spins and methods! I managed to get a couple different tricks down like FS 360 indy and BS 180 japans which I was pretty stoked with.

Matt McCormick Cairngorm Vans Hi Standard 2014
FS 360 Indy | P – Ed Blomfield

After the competition was finished everyone headed down to the Aviemore, which is the town next to the mountain, to chill and have the prize giving. It was good to get to catch up with a few familiar faces I hadn’t seen in a few years while we had some burgers and waited for the winners to be announced. I was stoked to end up winning best BS 180 and £180 and Jamie Trinder definitely deserved best overall rider as he’s been killing it all day on every feature!


Matt McCormick Cairngorm Vans Hi Standard 2014 best BS 180


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