Sno!Down Castleford

Last Saturday I headed down to Sno!Zone Castleford with for the Sno!Down Competition. It was just after my exams were over so it was good to catch up with a few people and ride a fun park with no pressure. I rode a bit of the night with Katie Ormerod who soon abandoned me to go judge so I spent most of the session with my brother Chris and a young skier from from Scotland called Kyle Jenkins. The format was a jam session so I just tried to get as many trick down as I could as well as try a few new ones I’d been working on recently.

Once the jam was over we had a quick break shortly followed by the team event which I had been picked as a captain for. Our initial idea was to ride through the park all holding onto a long piece of ribbons that we’d been given at the start. Sadly it didn’t really work out and we snapped the ribbon before we got to the first feature hahaha. In the end a few members of the team went down holding the ribbon while the rest of us did a high jump over one ribbons at the jump which worked out pretty well. Unfortunately the judges didn’t quite agree and we didn’t win the event 😦 . It wasn’t all bad though as I managed to get 1st in the older age category and win Β£70 which I was pretty stoked with!

Sno!Down Cas


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