Bag the Pipe and GB Session

I was back up in Cairngorm again on the 19th April for the first ever real snow halfpipe competition in Britain – Bag the Pipe! Cairngorm crew had put so much work into making the pipe this year and it definitely paid off! Massive shout out to Euan Baxter who I know put loads of time and effort into making the competition such a success! The weather on the day of the competition was bluebird with almost no wind so it ended up being an amazing event.

Bag the Pipe

I don’t get the chance to ride pipe very much so it’s safe to say I was feeling a bit rusty but still had good fun and managed to put down some FS 720s straight to the flat bottom haha. In the end Lewis Courtier-Jones walked away with a deserved 1st place by stomping 5s, 7s and handplants throughout his run.


Bag the Pipe air to fakie
Air to Fakie

After the competition was done I went and hiked some rails with my little brother Chris, Lewis Doherty, Lewis McWilliam and Harris Booth and we ended up making a short edit with the shots we got:



I went home that night but I ended up heading back up the next day as, if there weather was good, there was going to be a small British Team session. Unfortunately it was a bit too windy so we had to take it mellow but still had a good session on the jump and rails in the morning and a fun session out the bottom of the halfpipe and on the quarterpipe at the bottom. After the session was done I headed back home and had to get ready for my final exams as they were starting in a couple days.


That was pretty much the end of my season riding snow. Sadly I didn’t get too much done with all my exams but now that they’re over I can start planning for next year and hopefully I’ll be able to get plenty of trips done and hopefully do my first European competitions. Over summer I’ll still be riding at Bearsden and Snow Factor so I’ll still be posting here and I’ll be doing a few British Team training days which are looking to be really good this year along with maybe doing a small glacier trip somewhere mid/end July.


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