O’Neill Shoreditch Showdown

Last Thursday I was down in London for the sickest street-style rail competition I’ve ever ridden in – The O’Neill Shoreditch Showdown.

O'Neill Shoreditch Poster

I took the train down to Euston, London Thursday morning with my little brother Chris and Harris Booth where we met up with the Salomon UK Team Manager, James Fuller, who helped us navigate our way through the underground to the competition venue. We dumped our bags and got a quick first look at the set up before heading out for some much needed lunch where we met up with Angus Leith, The Trinders, Lewis Courtier Jones and a few other guys who would be riding in the comp later. On our return, the shapers were putting the finishing touches on the park while we had our riders’ briefing and got our riding kit on. We then had an hour long practice session followed by a judged jam session to cut the field down to 12 riders. The session was really good fun and all the features were really well made. I was stoked to get a couple good tricks on each feature that was set out and about 15 minutes after the session finished I found out I’d qualified through to finals!

BS Lip on the down bar | Copyright © James North
BS Lip on the down bar | Copyright © James North

There was about a 2 hour gap until the finals kicked off so I got a bit of dinner with the rest of the riders and did a bit of filming with O’Neill which was pretty cool, hopefully there will be an edit out soon and I’ll make sure I get it posted up here as soon as I see it.  About 30 minutes before the finals started the doors were opened to the public and 500 people crammed their way into the event. This made it really busy but also built an incredible atmosphere with everyone in the crowd being so stoked on snowboarding! The finals were even better to ride in as the crowd were really getting into it and cheering on every rider. I managed to get a few different trick down including a FS 270 on, 270 out of the down bar; a cab 180 on to BS 180 out on the donkey kink and a 50-50 on the bus shelter to drop front board on the ‘Hemel Hubba’. I also tried some BS 270 onto the down bar but I couldn’t get my pop right so only got 1 or 2 scrappy ones.

Boardslide through the Donkey | Copyright © James North
Boardslide through the Donkey | Copyright © James North

Finals lasted 1 hour and once it had finished they announced the riders who’d made it into the head-to-head super final. Sparrow Knox, Andy Nudds, Ollie Dutton and John Weatherley all killed it and definitely deserved to make it through. They all threw down on all the different features and it was amazing to watch such a high level of riding go down in Britain. Check out some of their runs in the video below.

Christian Stevenson & Scott Penman both killed it on the Mic all night | Copyright © James North
Christian Stevenson & Scott Penman both killed it on the Mic all night | Copyright © Jamie Baker

The event was definitely one of the sickest I’ve ever ridden in; it didn’t feel like a competition at all, just a really fun session in front of a sick crowd with an amazing set-up to ride. The entire team who put it together definitely deserve a massive thanks for putting it on. Hopefully there will be more competitions like this in the UK now and fingers crossed O’Neill put the event on again next year…

Shoreditch Edit

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