BS Double Cork 10

While out in Hintertux at the end of October I was able to hit some perfectly shaped jumps so I was able to try a couple new tricks that I’d been wanting to try and one of them was a BS double cork 10! I’ve been thinking about this trick for a while and been prep-ing it at Bearsden for a few weeks before I went out. While I was there I had a few days doing BS cork 5s on the medium jumps to get used to how I would throw it. Eventually the weather was on so I went up, did a couple BS 7s on the pro line and then tried it! It was a pretty crazy feeling but super fun, probably the funnest trick I’ve tried yet. Sadly I didn’t land any that day so I had to wait a few days for the weather to come back round.

A couple days went by and the weather either wasn’t right or the speed would be hard to get right so it wan’t ’till the last day that I had the opportunity to try them again. After a couple tries I finally managed to land it and I was so stoked! It was definitely the best way for me to round of the trip!




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