O’Neill Shoreditch Showdown

Last Thursday I was down in London for the sickest street-style rail competition I’ve ever ridden in – The O’Neill Shoreditch Showdown. I took the train down to Euston, London Thursday morning with my little brother Chris and Harris Booth where we met up with the Salomon UK Team Manager, James Fuller, who helped us […]

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TSA Ad and Rider Profile

I’ve been part of the TSA (The Snowboard Asylum) Team for years now. They were the first sponsor I ever picked up and have done so much for me from helping me get more slope time in my local dome to getting me onto the Salomon Snowboards UK Team! Check out there new advert they’ve just released as well as my rider profile on the TSA Site below


TSA Rider Profile

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O’Neill Shoreditch Showdown

Tomorrow I am heading down to London with my little brother, Chris, and Harris Booth for the Shoreditch Showdown. The rider list for the event looks pretty incredible so the level of riding is going to be massive! Check out the set up in this video above and make sure you check me out on twitter (@McCormicksnow) and Instagram (@mattymccormick) to see what I get up to on the day!

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BS Double Cork 10

While out in Hintertux at the end of October I was able to hit some perfectly shaped jumps so I was able to try a couple new tricks that I’d been wanting to try and one of them was a BS double cork 10! I’ve been thinking about this trick for a while and been prep-ing it at Bearsden for a few weeks before I went out. While I was there I had a few days doing BS cork 5s on the medium jumps to get used to how I would throw it. Eventually the weather was on so I went up, did a couple BS 7s on the pro line and then tried it! It was a pretty crazy feeling but super fun, probably the funnest trick I’ve tried yet. Sadly I didn’t land any that day so I had to wait a few days for the weather to come back round.

A couple days went by and the weather either wasn’t right or the speed would be hard to get right so it wan’t ’till the last day that I had the opportunity to try them again. After a couple tries I finally managed to land it and I was so stoked! It was definitely the best way for me to round of the trip!



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