Zermatt 2013 Week 1

On the 12th of July I got packed up to drive out to Cervinia, Italy with Ben Kinnear, Neil MacGrain, Harris Booth and my little brother Chris for two weeks training with the GB Snowboard Team on the Zermatt Glacier. The drive was pretty long and took two days but when we finally arrived we met up with the rest of the snowboard team which consisted of Rowan Coultas, Lewis Courtier-Jones and Katie Ormerod and some of the skiers who were out training with the British and Scottish Freeski Team. We arrived pretty late on in the day so we all went and had dinner and then headed to bed to recover from the long drive.

Waiting at Dover to get the Ferry across to France

Our first three days were really sick with blue skies and a nicely shaped park. It was too slow to hit the bigger jump as it was really slushy but the other jumps were still big enough to practice some variation and the rail line was really good with the park having bought a load of new rails for the summer. I mostly focused on cab as I’ve not really done much of it on snow jumps so I did a few cab 5s, a couple of cab 9s and I even managed to get a cab 10 round! We also went on a mini hike on one of the first few days to this really cool waterfall. It was pretty tiring but definitely worth it for the amazing few!

Looking down the waterfall
Looking down the waterfall

The lifts were then closed the next day due a thunder and lightning storm that was going on so we had a rest day and went for a fun little skate. The following day the lift was open but it was dumping it down at the top of the mountain so we hiked a rail for about an hour before deciding to head back down because everyone’s goggles were fogged up. The next morning Katie and Rowan went home for a bit before they head off to NZ and Lewis had one more day riding before he was heading home to Courchevel so we went up and had a day riding the rails as there was to much fresh snow to hit the jumps.

That’s pretty much it for the first week. I didn’t want to post a massive story of the two weeks all at once so I’ll put another post up in a few days on what went down during the second week I had in Zermatt…


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