Animal Shoot in Les 2 Alps

This was pretty last minute but as I was driving back from Zermatt, the Animal Team Manager got in contact with my Dad to see if myself and Chris wanted to fly back out somewhere to shot the new Animal AW13 kit. We agreed straight away and a few days later we got a flight […]

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Zermatt week 2

Week two of my Zermatt trip was a bit different to the first. The rest of the GB snowboard Team had all gone home as they were heading off to NZ shortly so I rode with Ben Kinnear and the Junior Team which consisted of Tomski Robinson, Nat Silkstone, Maisie Potter and Glen Ironside.

View from my room...

The first day we were pretty delayed getting up as we had to sort out new lift passes for everyone. When we did get up the snow had already gotten pretty soft and by the time we had done a few hits on the jumps, they were too slow to hit so we pretty much had to write that day off. The next day I knew I would need to get the tricks down that I wanted pretty fast to make sure it didn’t get too slushy. So I went up and knew I wanted to do another cab 10 as I’d only landed 1 so far. I did a straight air to check the speed, a cab 5, then a cab 9 and then cab 10s. I was pretty surprised to land my first one but I decided to keep going and ended up getting 3 in a row so I was stoked and pretty much done for the day. I went and did a few rail laps and just took it easy.

Shot of the bigger jump
Shot of the bigger jump

The next day was scheduled to be not great weather so all the snowboarders took the day off so we would hopefully be able to do the rest of the week without anymore down days. We went for a skate, did a bit of mellow S&C and yoga to recover a bit. The next day was really quiet up the mountain as the only skier to come up was my brother Chris so we had smaller lift lines and faster laps. The bigger jump was also open so we got to session that for the first time. It was really nice jump but the landing was a bit flat which made it hard to land much. I wanted to get some FS spins done but I kept slipping out on my heels or clipping the knuckle so I decided to get some shots of Chris for the season edit he’s hoping to put out soon.

Gap 270 disaster on the rails
Gap 270 disaster on the rails

The next day the glacier was closed due to a thunderstorm and when it had opened the next day there wasn’t really enough speed for snowboarders to hit the big jump so I had to just lap the rails. On the last day the speed was a lot better and there was a skiers competition on the rails in the morning so I had the jump to myself! I did some warm up BS 7 and then decided I wanted to try some cab spins. I’d never hit a big jump switch so I was pretty stoked to finally do it. I did 2 cab 5s before doing some cab 9 which I even managed to get a few on film. After I’d landed a few cab 9s the skiers came on the jumps which made it too busy so I decided to sit and watch the skiers competition on the jumps. We then headed down, got packed up and started our drive back to Glasgow.

Check out this little video Nat Silkstone made of the Junior Team’s trip to Zermatt.

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Zermatt 2013 Week 1

On the 12th of July I got packed up to drive out to Cervinia, Italy with Ben Kinnear, Neil MacGrain, Harris Booth and my little brother Chris for two weeks training with the GB Snowboard Team on the Zermatt Glacier. The drive was pretty long and took two days but when we finally arrived we met up […]

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