Perth & Kinross Young Leaders

Last month I went to a Perth & Kinross Young Leaders Event with Young People’s Sport Panel members Hannah, Meghan and Catriona to introduce the Sport Panel and get a bit of feedback from the young people which we could use to plan the future goals and aims of the panel.  We had a pretty early start to make sure we could get through from Glasgow to Bell’s Sports Centre in Perth with enough time to get set up. When we arrived myself and Hannah prepared an area to give a short engagement session to the young people to gather a bit of information about how the young people use the Young Scot Website and their involvement and aspirations in sport. There were about 100 young people attending which made it an excellent opportunity to gather some accurate information about what young people want from Scottish sport. We got loads of different answers about how they wanted to get more involved in sport which was really inspirational to hear. We presented to 4 groups of 20 – 30 young people at a time. While we were with a group, Meghan and Catriona gave a demonstration on Rock-it ball to everyone else and organised a few games to get them involved in a new sport. Everyone seemed to be really excited about it and hopefully a few of them will take up the sport in the near future!

Once We’d spoken to all the young people Meghan and Catriona gave a great presentation on the panel, what we’d achieved so far and gave us an insight into their experiences as part of the panel. It was really interesting to hear how each member had gotten involved in different activities and brought a variety of skills to the panel to allow the group to branch out in a range of directions.

I’m looking forward to reading through all the replies we got from the young people and begin to put together a few strategies to move the panel further forward.


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