GB Training Glasgow/Edinburgh

Wednesday and Thursday were by far the most tiring days I’ve had this year! I was in Edinburgh/Glasgow training with the GB Team, getting to try a few new things and push my riding a little bit further.

Checking out Fox Lake
Chris and Tomski checking out Fox Lake

On the Wednesday morning myself and my brother (Chris) got a train to Edinburgh Waverly where we met Katie Ormerod, Jamie Trinder and our coach Hamish McKnight. We then got some breakfast before heading to Fox Lake for a bit of Wakeboarding! When we arrived we met the rest of the team which consisted of Tomski Robinson, Nathan Sim, Fin Bremner, Billy Morgan, Will Gilmour, Dom Harrington and Ben Kinnear.  This was my first time wakeboarding so I was pretty nervous but it was definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done! The guys there were really cool and got us out on the lake really fast so we managed to get a lot of time on it. I was really surprised that I managed to hit the jumps and rails there but as soon as I got going it felt pretty similar to snowboarding which made me feel alot more comfortable.

Fox Lake
Fin, Nathan, Me, Katie and Billy after our session on the Lake

We then headed to East Kilbride to go skating for a bit. Here we met up with Marc McClement, Lesley McKenna and Euan Baxter who were going to be joining us for the next few days as well. The EK skate park was really cool with loads of different sized ramps for whatever you wanted to do, a fun street section and a foam pit at the back! It was also really fun as I haven’t gotten to skate in a while. I learnt backside disasters in the mini-ramp so I was pretty happy! After 2 hours skating we went to Braehead for a bit of dinner before we had our private session in Snow Factor.

Feeling pretty stoked on the Snow Factor Set-up

Snow Factor had done an incredible job and sorted us out with a private after hours session along with a custom park which allowed us to focus on landing rail tricks consistently and putting a run together which included rails that are common in most Slopestyle courses. The set-up was two down bars at the top, a down-flat-down which they made easy to gap to the down and a pole jam at the end. I did a few BS 5s off the pole jam and did some gap BS lips on the down-flat-down. The session lasted from 10pm till 12pm and by the time we’d gotten packed up and driven home it was about 1am which didn’t give us much time to recover for the next day!

We got up the next day and got sorted to get the train through to Waverly again. Sadly there was a ‘misunderstanding in communication’ and we ended up being 1 hour late. When we did arrive we met Hamish and drove to Livingston Skate park which was really sick! They had a nice little mini ramp with a spine which was really fun to learn some new tricks on as well as practice the backside disasters I’d learnt the day before.

Euan in Livingston Skatpark
Euan Baxter killing it in the mini ramp section at Livingston Skate Park

Once everyone was too tired to skate we jumped in the van, had a quick bit of lunch and then headed to Bearsden Ski Club. The club was closed all week for maintenance but luckily they made an exception for us and let us go on for a 2 hour private session. Everyone was pretty tired from skating so most people took it easy but Marc went for a BS double rodeo and landed it first try! It was so sick!  Everyone was also pretty conscious that we had a late night session at Braehead so everyone wound down a bit early so we could get over to Braehead with plenty of time to enjoy a well-earned Nandos!

We then got our kit on and headed out for the final session. The main focus of the night was to get a good rail run down that we could use in competition. Something with good variety and technical difficulty on each feature. I experimented with a few runs and got a few with good flow and technicality. I then decided I wanted to try a 50-50 wildcat off of the pole jam so I started prepping it with a wildcat off the jump next to it and a few 50-50s on the pole jam to get an idea of the take off. The run in was a bit bumpy so it was quite hard to get a good take off but eventually I decided to throw one and see what happened! It came around quite well which I didn’t expect so I washed out on the landing. I went back up and landed it on my second try and then landed another three in a row! There is a video below of one of the 50-50 wildcats I landed. By this time the session was over so we all headed in to get changed and say goodbye. This was definitely one of the best camps I’ve done with the British Team and I think there may be another one pretty soon so fingers crossed I’ll be doing more days like these!


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