Go Big or Go Home 2013!

Go Big or Go Home returned to Bearsden for it’s 3rd year in a row on Saturday and it was epic! Myself and my family organised the  event and we were so stoked to get such a great turn out as well as having so many sick tricks being thrown down on the day!

Go Big Poster 2013

As well as organising the competition I also competed in it which made it a pretty busy day for me. I was there for about 8:30 AM to get everything set up and then I grabbed a bib and went out for practice. We had plenty of time to get warmed up which made it really mellow and fun to ride with everyone. Then it was qualifiers which was a jam format which was again really mellow and let you ride with everyone without feeling too much pressure to land every run.

Photo : Wully Donald
Photo : Wully Donald

Once snowboarder qualifiers were done the skiers came on for their qualifiers so we went and set up some rail for the rail jam. This year we had done up the old rails, made a few new ones and gotten a few new jump in so we managed to put together a pretty fun set-up. When the skiers were finished the rail jam kicked off with spot prizes for sick tricks.All the rails we had for this year's competition...

All the rails we had for this year’s competition…

Finals were then announced and I’d qualified so I headed up to get a few practice runs. The format was 3 runs, best 2 runs count. My plan was to try a BS 9 tweaked tail grab and then a switch BS 9 mute and I was pretty surprised to land them both on my first try! I then had 1 run left and I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do but after speaking to a few guys at the top I decided to chuck a BS 10 and see what happened hahaha. Unfortunately I slipped out on the landing but when everyone else had done their 3rd runs I went back up and landed it so I was so happy!  And then to make the day even better I ended up winning the 13-16 category with my first 2 runs!

Photo : Wully Donald
Photo : Wully Donald

I was really stoked to get 1st but I was definitely way happier that the event was a success and that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Gonzilla.TV were up doing a bit of filming with Sophie Nicholls so there should be an edit out soon of the day.  We have already started making a few notes and plans to make next year’s even bigger so check out the GBoGH Facebook page for updates and news…

Photo Wully Donald
Photo Wully Donald

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