English Championships

Yesterday I was done in Chill Factore, Manchester for the English Championships. It was great to go back there to ride after about 2 years. I went down the night before, after my first day of 5th year, with my brother Chris and Dad so I got to check out the course and it looked pretty good so I was looking forward to riding it the next day.

Chris checking out the course

Chris checking out the course

The next morning was the day of the comp so we got up early, had a quick Premiere Inn Breakfast and then headed over to the slope to get registered and get practicing. The practice went pretty well and I managed to get a run down in my qualifier so I was really stoked. I then chilled for a bit and filmed Chris’ runs while I waited to find out if I’d qualified to the finals. It turned out that I’d qualified 1st overall so I went out to start practicing for finals. Sadly I only got 3 practice runs as the competition was running a bit late but I knew what my runs were going to be so I wasn’t too worried. I managed to get my first run down which was a 50-50 to FS 3 out of a donkey kink, BS 3 off a flat tube, FS lip 270 out of a flat bar, backflip on the jump and rock to fackie on a wallride. I then tried to up my run to FS 1 off the donkey, hard way cab 1 on to BS 3 out the flat tube, lip 270 on the flat bar, FS 7 on the jump and a rock to fackie on the wall ride but sadly I slipped out on the landing of the FS 7. Luckily my first run was still good enough for 1st in the 16-18 age category so I’m stoked! I think the overall results will be posted over the next few days so I’ll put them up here when I see them.

FS 7


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