Scottish Indoor Championships

Last Saturday was the Scottish Indoor Freestyle Championships in Snow Factor Braehead. Loads of people came from all over Britain, from Aviemore to Manchester which made a pretty good turnout! I was in the 16+ category for the first time which brought a lot more competition from guys like the Trinders, Connor Carey and many more. We got an hour of practice and I managed to figure out my run and land it once or twice but when it came to qualifiers I didn’t quite put them down the  way I wanted and sketched out a bit on both. Luckily I still managed to get enough points to qualify through to the finals.

Front 5 off the toes

Front 5 off the toes, P: Brian Moore

I had a few more warm up runs and then I was into the two run, best run counts final. I managed to put my first run down which was a front one on, cab one out of a donkey rail into a front 5 off the toes on the jump then a hard way cab one on to back one out of the corrie pipe and finally a switch lip 270 out on a flat bar at the bottom. I had wanted to step my run up the second time but sadly I came off the top rail early and didn’t manage to complete it. In the end my first run was good enough for 1st in the 16+ and 1st overall!

Right now I’m still studying for my Standard Grade Exams but I’m now half way through them!! 🙂 Only a few weeks left and then I’ll be heading up to Aviemore to do a bit of fitness with the Trinders hopefully!


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