Vans Hi Standard

Yesterday I was in Cairngorm for the Vans Hi Standard competition which had by far the sickest set up I’ve ever seen anywhere in Scotland! It was a style comp and had a really sick format. There was a big air session and a rail session and you were judged on each of them to decide your final score but as well as that the judges were handing out tokens every time you landed a sick trick which you exchanged for £20 at the prize giving!

Vans Hi Standard

I was really stoked with how I did in both sessions and managed to put down a couple good trick on the jump and on the rails. Since it was a style comp you couldn’t do any rotations over a 720 so I was mostly doing FS 5s and some switch BS 1s all day. The rail set-up was really cool with a down bar, a down box, a giant tyre/hip and a down flat down. I mostly rode the DFD and did some backboards through the kink, gap to BS lips and some 50-50 270 switch ups but I also hit the down bar and did a 50-50 BS 3 out.

T-bar with Danny

Both sessions were really fun and I managed to win £100 in each section! I’m also really stoked for my older brother Danny who won £80 on the jump, £100 on the rails, £180 for the best BS 180 of the day and £300 for 1st overall!

Danny looking stoked with his prize money

Today I’m getting packed and flying to Mayrhofen with Jamie Trinder and Henry Shackleton to ride with the GB guys which should be really sick! I’m out there for a week so hopefully I’ll get some new tricks down and maybe a bit of filming done…



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