Flachauwinkl Trip

Sadly last week I returned home from an epic trip away with the Junior GB and Scottish Freeski team to Flachauwinkl, Austria. I had an amazing 6 day riding with everyone and then I was also lucky enough to be able to stay out an extra 4 days and ride around with Ben Kinnear.

Stoked at the drop in

I drove out with the rest of the team which took two days and was pretty boring but eventually we made it to Austria and it was dumping! It was definitely the most snow and heaviest snowfall I’ve ever seen. The snow was also really dry so it made perfect powder which we got to enjoy for the first 4 days.Powder

Eventually we got a bit sick of powder so we began praying for a bit of sun so we could get in the park and hit a few jumps. Eventually the skies cleared and on the last day I had with the rest of the guys it was bluebird so we got to hit some really nice jumps. We sessioned the last of the 5 jumps which they had. It was about 70ft so it was really nice and floaty for sending spins. I was trying to get my BS 10’s down and try hold the grab round till 9 but sadly I couldn’t quite get them to my feet but hopefully next time I’ll have them.

Flachauwinkl BS 7 Neil

Most of the days from then on were pretty perfect so I decided to try get a bit of variety in my runs so I mostly did FS and cab spins. I managed to land loads of FS 9s and I then tried a FS 10 and landed it on my first try! I also did some cab 9s and ended up getting a front 9 to cab 9 on the first two jumps so I was mega stoked!

Stoked in Flachauwinkl

I’m now trying to plan another trip to Europe but I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be doing or where I’ll go but hopefully I can get something sorted and get some more training done before the summer.


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