Productive Day with the Young People’s Sports Panel

On Saturday I had an amazing day with the rest of the Young People’s Sports Panel at the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena! It was really great to get to meet up with the rest of the panel and catch up a bit!

We started off the day looking back at 2012 and everything we had already achieved. Colin, Amy and I all made small presentations on what we did in 2012. I based mine on everything I’d done in 2012 with my snowboarding. It went pretty well and I’m stoked to have gotten some positive feed-back on it!


We then broke up into 3 groups to discuss a range of really exciting topics from media involvement to Young Scot Rewards which we’ll all be involved in this year! We then had a quick break for lunch (which was amazing!) before going on to look at some more plans for the coming year! We then looked at how we could use some of Young Scot and Sport Scotland’s sites to advertise some future events like the Bid for the 2018 Youth Olympics in Glasgow.

After we finished looking at the sites, we did a bit of media training and then looked at video blogging which went really well. I might even try doing some during my trip to Flachauwinkl! After a quick debrief we finished up the day with a bit of rock climbing! This was my second time rock climbing and it was even better! I’m still mega scared of it and break a sweat before I even get the harness on but it’s always really cool feeling once you’re back down the wall! It’s a pretty similar feeling to landing a new trick on a snowboard!

Rock climbing

I’ve now got less than 2 days until I head out to Flachauwinkl with the Scottish Ski and Snowboard Team! Check out this shot of the 5th kicker in the Flachauwinkl Park! Make sure you check back here regularly over the next few days for updates on what I’m getting up to in Flachauwinkl!



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