Junior GB Training in Aberdeen

Just back from an awesome weekend in Aberdeen with the Junior GB team! We had a sick day on Saturday riding the kicker and trying to get a bit of variety in spins and grabs. The kicker was pretty hard to get used to but I made the most of it and managed to get FS and switch BS 7s down so I’m stoked! In the evening we had a small rail session and I had a quick game of G.I.M.P. with the Trinders  which was good fun. We also did of filming on Jamie’s new Contour camera so there will hopefully be an edit up soon!

On Sunday the guys at Aberdeen set-up their airbag which was really cool and definitely helped with trying new tricks! I tried some wildcats and FS underflips into it and eventually I was ready to try them on the jump. I landed my wildcat on my first try so I was stoked and then after a few attempts I got a few FS underflips done! I then started over rotating one or two FS under 5s so I went for an underflips 7 and ended up landing a few too! Check out the edit of all the new tricks I got down by clicking the picture below!



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