London Freeze 2012

Last weekend I had a sick day down in London for the London Freeze! It was the first city big air competition I’d ever done and it was a sick experience! I arrived early on Saturday morning and hooked up with the Salomon team manager, Fuller. I then grabbed a bit of breakfast and headed up the lift to check out the run in to the kicker. It was pretty scary but after about 10 minutes it didn’t look as bad so I headed down to the Athlete lounge to get my kit on and head up for practice! I only managed to get one practice run in and since it was pretty windy I had knuckled it. On my first run I went for a method to get the speed right and then on my second run I went for a BS 3 bt came round heel heavy and washed out. I was still stoked to hit the kicker so I’m out to gutted about how my runs went and next I will hopefully be back and be able to through some proper tricks 🙂


The rest of the day I just watched the international comp which was so sick especially with British riders like Jamie Nicholls, Billy Morgan and Jamie Trinder riding! Jamie N was stomping some sick Bs 10s all day and Billy was sending massive Bs double rodeos and BS double 10s ended up getting him 1st! It was definitely the sickest weekend I’ve ever had and I can’t wait for it next year!



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