Hintertux 2012!

This was my second year riding Hintertux and it was amazing! I was out there from Wednesday the 10th October till Saturday the 20th and I was staying in the GB house. I got a few sick days at the start which were perfect for hitting the pro line jumps! I did a few BS 7s and tried a couple 10s but couldn’t get them round to my feet. The next few days were pretty bad weather with loads of snow so we stayed down the mountain. On the Sunday it was Hamish’s, GB snowboard coach, Birthday so we all went and played airsoft and had a BBQ! It was one of the coolest things I have ever done an I would definitely recommend it to anyone who visits Hintertx/Mayerhofen!

Eventually the weather cleared up so we headed back p the mountain. The park was still covered in snow so we just had a bit of a powder day. I did a few backflips over the knuckles with Katie Ormerod but we didn’t get to do much more incase we fell down a crevasse…. The next day the park was shaped but it was too windy so we had a rail session on the last rail in the park. It was a really fun day with everyone getting some rad tricks down but sadly Katie O took a pretty bad slam and broke her arm 😦

In the end I did get another good day riding. I did a couple more BS 7s and tried a fs 3 but it didn’t go to well hahaha. I ‘m still really stoked to have tried it as the more jumps I try it on the more comfortable I will get! Later on I went and rode the medium line with Rowan Coultas and worked on cab which is probably me worst direction of spinning. I did some cab 7s and then landed my first ever cab 9 so I was mega stoked! Hamish got it on film so hopefully I will get an edit up of it ASAP!


Tomorrow I will be heading to London for the Relentless Freeze Festival to compete in the battle of Britain competition! If you’re around come check it out on the Saturday for some rad snow stunts!      


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