Gonzilla Invitatinal goes off!

Just had an amazing session at the Gonzilla invitational! The set-up was mega rad with a huge close-out feature with loads of gaps and tranys. Everyone was riding really strong with loads of crazy tricks going down like gap-to back 270 onto a down bar and transfer frontboards from a gas pipe to the down bar! I took a few slams here and there but I’m so stoked to have gotten a gap-to cab 270 onto the down bar! The comp was rider judged and in the end it was Matt Higson who won the £1000 (Will smith got 2nd and Matt split a bit of the cash with him).  The TSA Big Bang Snowboard Show had been on during the day so I was able to test the new Salomon Salomander  and Savage boots during the comp. They are both so sick and pretty rad on rails so check them out! I think there will be a write-up and video of the comp so check back here for the update!!


Check out the Gonzilla.TV invitational section of the set-up

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