British Indoor Championships!

Just got back from a sick weekend at the British Indoor Championships at Castleford! I drove down Friday with my parents and brother Chris and hooked up with the Scottish Ski and Snowboard Team. We went to Cas to check out the set-up but decided not to ride to save our energy for the comp. On Saturday I got up pretty early, had breakfast and went for practice. We only got about 20 minutes practice before we had to do our runs to decide the age category placement. My run was a switch fs lipslide, 270 out on the first down rail into a cab 270 onto the second feature which was a longer down bar. On the third hit I played it pretty safe and did a back board over a cannon and on the last hit I did a 50-50 frontflip on a flat down box. I slipped out on the frontflip on my first run but got it together on my second to score 93 and get 1st in the 13-15 category!


I then had the overall comp which consisted of 5 jam sessions on different parts of the course with the field of competitors being halved after every session. This put quite alot of pressure on all the riders but was a really fun new competition format. I rode with Jamie Trinder through all the sessions right till the final and in the end we both podiumed! Jamie got 2nd and I got 3rd with Andy Nudds getting 1st. He was riding really strong through the entire day and definitely deserved 1st! I think there is a video being released on Tuesday so I’ll post that here as soon as I see it!


Check out these shots of me riding in the jam session!

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