Gonzilla Invitatinal goes off!

Just had an amazing session at the Gonzilla invitational! The set-up was mega rad with a huge close-out feature with loads of gaps and tranys. Everyone was riding really strong with loads of crazy tricks going down like gap-to back 270 onto a down bar and transfer frontboards from a gas pipe to the down bar! I took a few […]

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British Indoor Championships!

Just got back from a sick weekend at the British Indoor Championships at Castleford! I drove down Friday with my parents and brother Chris and hooked up with the Scottish Ski and Snowboard Team. We went to Cas to check out the set-up but decided not to ride to save our energy for the comp. […]

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Brits Indoors!

Tomorrow I’ll be heading down to Castleford for the Brits Indoor Championships! I’m mega stoked for it and can’t wait to ride the set-up! The Brits guys have also introduced a new format called ‘Wham Bam Thank You Jam’ which sounds really sick as there are loads of rounds so you can get way more […]

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Planning for Hintertux

I’ve started to plan for my first training session of the year. HINTERTUX! I’m so stoked to be able to return for the second year to train with the GB team. The plan at the moment is to fly out on the 12th of October and stay till the 21st.  Most of the GB team […]

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July GB Training

Check out this sick edit of the GB training days in July. Sadly I only got to ride for one day but it was still an amazing session at Braehead with Jamie Trinder, Jamie Nicholls, Katie Ormerod, Billy Morgan and Ben Kilner! Check it out!  

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