Braehead, Aviemore and Aberdeen!

Just got back from a super sick weekend in Aviemore with the Trinders! It stated on Friday with an amazing session with them at Snow Factor Braehead. I did my first few cab underflips since I got back from Saas Fee as well as landing a cab 1 on to BS 5 out of a donkey kink and my first cab 3 onto a side on gas pipe! That night the I drove back to Aviemore with the Trinders.

I then had a pretty mellow Saturday with Angus and Lewis McWilliam just doing a bit of bridge jumping and watching some movies before getting packed for a session at Aberdeen the next day! On Sunday we got up pretty early and drove to Aberdeen Snowsports Centre with Euan Baxter, Lauren MacCallum and some of the Cairngorm Snowboard Club groms. Huge thanks to Euan and Lauren for giving me a lift to the centre! It was a super cool set-up at aberdeen with the kicker, rails, an airbag and a BBQ! I spent most of the day lapping the kicker and getting back to snoflex again trying BS and FS 7s. Later Jamie and I had a session on the rails and got some shot for the edit which will drop soon! I finished up the day getting my nollie frontflips down off the small kicker which I’m super stoked with!

Yesterday Angus and I just chilled in Aviemore for a bit and the went home to make a start to the Junior GB Saas Fee edit which will also drop soon! I then had a quick skate with Jamie and Andrew Forwood before taking the train back to Glasgow.

Check out these shots taken at Aberdeen during the session


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