Interesting start to the London Olympics!

Hi Guys,

I’ve had a pretty interesting start to the 2012 Olympic Games as I was able to watch it in 4 different countries in one day as well as witness the opening ceremony with people of 6 different nationalities! It was an incredible start to an amazing Olympic Games!

The Games started for me in a small hotel in the Swiss Alps packed with a host of people including Scots, Russians and Austrians. Everyone’s eyes were glued to the tiny screen hung on the wall flashing pictures of the opening ceremony. It was close to impossible to hear any sound from the TV due to the cries of joy from everyone. Standing ovations were awarded to David Beckham, The Queen and of course Rowan Atkinson! It was an amazing site to see so many people of various nationalities come together to witness the kick-start to this Olympics!

My Olympics continued the next day as I began my long, 20 hour drive back to Glasgow. Luckily we stopped of in Switzerland, France and England before arriving in Scotland. I was so happy to see a TV screening the Olympics everytime we stopped for food or petrol! I was able to watch some of the mens swimming at each stop which was an event I really didn’t want to miss.

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Now that I am back in Glasgow, it is clear that Britain has gone crazy for the Games! Not only does every shop, restaurant and bar have live coverage on at all times, but everyone is getting into sport! I went to my local sports centre today to use the gym and have never seen it so packed! Everyone was in getting a few laps of the pool, play a bit of tennis or using the gym to get that little bit healthier! The Olympics has made a massive impact on Britain for the better in a variety of ways but most importantly in improving the amount of participation in sport! Come on Team GB!


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