Saas Fee Week 2

Just arrived home from an amazing second week in Saas Fee! During the second week I only had 2 down days but everyday I got up was perfect weather! The first day I got up riding of the second week had perfect conditions to hit the big kickers. I got straight into backside spins and had landed 2 BS 10s by the end of the day!

The perfect conditions continued to the next day. I spent most of the day spinning frontside and landed my first FS 7 on a pro line kicker! After I’d gotten down the mountain I went for a skate and learnt fs and bs axel stalls which got me even more stoked 🙂

On the last day there was a ski comp on so the jumps softened up super fast. I took a pretty bad slam when I was trying a FS 7 on the last big kicker and caught my edge on take off. I was pretty lucky to wrestle the spin round to my front so I just slid down the landing! My coach, Ben Kinnear got it on film so check out this screen shot of what happened!

I spent the rest of the day doing cab underflips on the medium kickers which was another new trick I learnt I the second week.

I’ve got a bit of time to relax now so I will probably spend a few days in the gym and some days skating. In a few weeks I have another junior GB team cross training camp with wake boarding and mountain biking.

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Check out these shots from up and down the glacier


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