Saas Fee Week 1!

Hi Guys,

I’m in Saas Fee right now and it’s amazing! This is my first time here but it has already been a sick experience. I am here riding with the GB Snowboard team. I did some coaching with Hamish McKnight last week and now I am mostly riding with Ben Kinnear. First few days i was just getting familiar with the the kickers as it was a bit windy at times. Towards the end of the week I had straight aired most of the big kickers as well as done Switch Back 5s, Backside 7s, backflips and a frontside 7! I also landed a Switch Backside Rodeo and my first cab underflip!

I’ve started my second week today and it was super good weather. I managed to do a Bs 7 on the biggest kicker in the park so I’m stoked! I am wanting to do some cab underflips on the medium line kicker with Nat Silkstone as wants to go for a backflip!

I’ll keep you guys updated on what I do in week two,



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