British Champs 2012!

Hi Guys!
Had a sick week in Laax, Switzerland this year. I went out for a week to ride and train with the junior GB team and then did a week competing in the British Championships. The first week was amazing riding with Jamie Trinder and getting coached by Dan Wakeham and Ben Kinnear. I took the first few days pretty easy and just got used to hitting big kickers again. I had been wanting to try a bs 10 for a while but never had a kicker big enough to try it but the last kicker on the slopestyle course was perfect so I just went for it. After a couple tries, and some tips from Ben and Dan, I got it round and landed it clean. Stoked!! Sadly, from then on the weather got pretty bad and the snow was too slow to hit the big kickers so we just rode the rythem kickers instead. We mostly spent the last day lapping the chair run which had some super sick rails the whole way down.
Then first day of the Brits was practice day but it was dumping!! My little brother Chris and I went for a photo shoot with one of our coaches Neil McGrain and the Animal team. It was really mellow with mostly just powder sprays. Later on I met up with Ben and Nelson Pratt and hiked up a cliff to ride a pillow line. It was really fun and the first time I had ever hiked to get a run. The next two days I just chilled on the rail line and rode the big air kicker for a bit. My friend Rowan Coultas came out which was rad as I don’t see him much since he moved to Mayerhofen. Check this edit him and Jamie Nicholls made on the rail run.
That night I entered the whitelines rail jam and was super stoked to qualify to finals and get 1st overall! It was so much fun and I won some Francs to buy sweets through the rest of the week.
The next day was my first comp. Big Air. I had such a fun morning landing the biggest BS 7s and 9s I have ever done and tried a 10 but landed about 1170 and caught my heels but I was fine. I qualified 1st overall to the final with a BS 9 so I was stoked!! Sadly in the final it had slowed down big time. Speed wasn’t too much of an issue for the medium but since I was the only person in my category hitting the big kicker, I couldn’t clear the gap. I still managed to get 2nd in my age category and 8th overall which is still a sick result. Check the video of the comp out. I got a shot at 0:29.
Here is a write up too.
The final day of competition was Slopestyle. The course was really good and the kickers were really nicely shaped. In my qualifiers I fell on the last kicker but managed to get it together in my second run to get me into the final in 4th place. I changed my run a bit in the final which worked out really well! My first run was much better than my qualifier and got me 1st in my age category and 3rd overall! It was the first time I’d ever gotten on the overall podium at the Brits! Check out the write up here and my run here.

Here is a shot of a Bs 10 on the big air kicker.


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