Hintertux/Stubai 2015

During most of October and November I was based out in Europe to get a bit of early season riding done. The first place we went was Hintertux but the park wasn’t as good as it’s been in previous years and the lift line is always really long so we didn’t get too much riding done thereūüė¶ .


Next we moved onto Stubai which was much better! The weather was way nicer and the park was in perfect condition. I did a few BS double cork 10s and tried my first FS double cork 10 too! Unfortunately ¬†I’ve developed a bit of a bad habit for going a little too fast when I try new tricks so I over shot the jump a bit when I tried them but hopefully I’ll land one soon!


While we were out there I did a bit of filming with the Whitelines guys for some trick tips which was really good fun! Check out the first trick tip below –

And here is a little recap video from Whitelines of the trip –

Australia 2015

This year was the first time I’d gotten to do a trip to the Southern Hemisphere with the British Snowboard Team and it was definitely one of the best trips I’ve been on!

Stoked in OZ.JPG

We were riding the Perisher park in Australia from the middle of August ’till the end of September. We spent just over a week riding in perfect conditions and then the it was time for the Mile High competition. The weather was pretty bad for the practice and competition days so the organisers cut the course into two rails and one jump. I managed to put a run down but it was pretty safe so in the end didn’t score too high.

Australia Gap front board

After the Mile High we had the rest of the trip to just ride the park without any pressure. Unfortunately I had a bit of a bad crash trying a BS double cork 10 and knocked myself out for a few minutes so I had to take some days off to recover. When I was finally back on snow the park was still in awesome condition and I managed to get my cab double 9s and BS double 10s down! I also got to try a few FS double 10s into an airbag so hopefully I’ll be able to put some of them down soon!


Check out this little recap video of the trip below –

GB Park and Pipe Summer Sessions

While I’ve been home over the past few months I’ve been doing loads of sessions with the GB Park and Pipe Team around the UK. Most of the sessions we’ve done have been a mix of snowboard sessions at indoor slopes like Castleford, Braehead and Hemel as well as some other pretty fun “cross training” sessions like skating, gymnastics, diving and trapeze! Check out the video below with some shots of the sessions we did in July and have a look at the photos from all the sessions we did this summer…

Bearsden’s Go Big or Go Home

This was the fifth consecutive year my family helped organise¬†Bearsden’s¬†Go Big or Go Home dryslope competition and we were pretty stoked with how it all went! We started running¬†GBoGH as we thought the¬†UK scene¬†was starting to lack a bit in freestyle ski and snowboard competitions. When me and my brothers were growing up we always had such an amazing time riding at¬†events like the Westbeach Snowflex series and we were pretty gutted when it came to an end so we thought we’d try do our bit to get things going again! ¬†¬†Pooh Bear 2015

It was awesome to have so many riders travel from across the UK to ride in the competition. We always try to make it as relaxed a format as possible which is why we include two rounds of jam sessions followed by a head to head final. As well as helping with the organising this year, I also competed. I’ve been doing dryslope competitions since I was 11 and I still love riding in them! It’s one of the few times when you get to see people from all over coming together to shred!

Getting some laps in with my brother during the Quarter Pipe Jam.

Getting some laps in with my brother during the Quarter Pipe Jam.

I managed to qualify through the two jam sessions and into the head to head final. In the first head to head I was up against Ciaran Tucker. It was a three runs, best two runs count format so I put downs a BS 7 mute, a FS 7 melon and a switch BS 9 drunk driver which got me into the 1st and 2nd play off with Fin Bremner. For my first run I landed a BS 9 drunk driver and then went for the switch BS 9 on my second. I managed to land it but not as clean as I wanted so I tried it again on my last run and thankfully managed to get it better. It must have been pretty tight between Fin and I but in the end I managed to walk away with 1st overall!

This year¬†we’ll be running a second leg of GBoGH for the first time at Aberdeen Snowsports club¬†on the 1st August so make sure you get down to that especially if you missed the Bearsden leg!

World Rookie Fest Finals

On the 5th of April I drove from Mayrhofen to Ischgl with Ben Kinnear and Fin Bremner for the World Rookie Fest Finals! This was my first and last World Rookie Fest event as I will be too old to compete next yearūüė¶ . It was a really fun competition and I’m stoked I had the chance to experience it!

World Rookie Fest Ischgl 2015 Poster

We arrived a day early so got an extra day cruising around Ischgl and checking out the course. In the afternoon they opened up the course for a few runs so I ended up testing the first jump which was pretty nice but they had to close it after a few runs because it was hard to get enough speed. During official practice the next day the first jump was almost perfect with much better speed but the second kicker had a really long take-off which made it feel really flat. The rails were a little bit weird but still fun to ride. I managed to land my run a few times so I was just hoping I’d be able to put it down in qualifiers!

World Rookie Fest Ischgl 2015

We had a break the next day for the Grom and Girl qualifiers so we just took it easy and practiced our euro carves! We then had the Rookie boy qualifiers on the Friday. I didn’t have the best practice on the day of qualifiers and I didn’t land my run at all but luckily when it came to my first qualifying run I put it to my feet! My run was a cab 9 switch indy on the first jump, BS 7 melon on the second, 50-50 FS 3 out of a cannon, 50-50 on a flat bar to transfer into back board on a down bar and finally a lipslide cab 270 onto a rainbow. I was really stoked to manage to get a run down but I there were a couple areas I could improve on for my second run so I knew I could do a bit more. We had a speed test run between our two qualifier runs which I used to clean up my run a bit. I added a roast beef grab as well as the switch indy on the cab 9 and got a better lock on all the rails. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to put my cab 9 down on my second¬†run which I was a bit gutted about.

In the end I missed out on finals by 5 points and finished 21st. I definitely would have been nice to make it into the finals but I’m just happy to have put a run down!

Brits Tignes 2015

A couple weeks back I was out in Tignes, France with a few people from the British Snowboard Team for the Brits. This was one of the busiest years in Brits history and it was sick to see so many you kids there to compete!

The first snowboard event was the bangers and cash rail jam and the Tignes park crew had built a sick set-up for us to ride. I managed to land a couple new tricks during the rail jam like cab boardslide to underflip out of the cannon and switch BS 270 on to 270 off which I was pretty stoked with and I managed to win a bit of cash spot prizes which was pretty good too!

Brits Bangers and Cash 2015

The next event I entered was the slopestyle, the course was pretty good with some nice rails and a fun kicker line. Unfortunately the weather was rubbish so the course was restricted to the two rails and the first jump. I managed to put down a pretty mellow run of 50-50 FS 3 out a flat bar, gap to back board to switch on a flat down box, into a cab 5 on the jump. That managed to win me the 18 and under category and get second overall which was pretty cool considering the bad conditions.

Brits Halfpipe 2015

My last competition was the halfpipe which was probably the¬†one¬†I most¬†enjoyed! I¬†haven’t ridden much pipe recently and I was¬†definitely¬†scared of the massive pipe they had in Tignes but it ended up being really fun and I managed to¬†put a run down and land a couple new trick like BS 5s and ally-oop¬†chuck flips! In the end I finished¬†1st in¬†the¬†18 and under and I think I was 4th overall.

After the Brits I headed over to Mayrhofen for a week of riding (which was pretty terrible because of bad weather all week) before driving to Ischgl¬†with Ben Kinnear and Fin Bremner for the World Rookie¬†Fest Finals…

O’Neill ‘UNREASONABLE’ Campaign Launch


O’Neill have just dropped their new ‘UNREASONABLE’ campaign based around going above and beyond expectations to keep surfers, skiers and snowboarders riding¬†in all conditions.


“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” -George Bernard Shaw